The All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation (AIGMF) awarded speciality glass manufacturer Schott Poonawalla in its latest meeting for the International Year of Glass.

As part of the celebrations for the International Year of Glass, an industry meet was held at AIGMF’s annual general meeting at Hotel Lemon Tree, in Delhi, India.

Former President Mr Sanjay Somany gave the annual CK Somany Award for Innovation and Technology to Mr Eric L’Heureux, Managing Director of Schott Poonawalla.

The Balkrishna Gupta Award for Exports was also bestowed to Schott Poonawalla by Former President Mr Pradeep Gupta.

Mr L’Heureux has been responsible for a multiple expansions of Schott Poonawalla’s Jambusar plant, which have enhanced capacities to over three billion containers per annum.

Mr L’Heureux also stabilised operations at the Greenfield plant at Umarsadi (Gujarat) for pre-fillable syringes, cartridges and sterile RTF products.

The company has contributed towards 4.3 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines globally, through the supply of vials, out of which three billion doses were provided for India.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for AIGMF to award students from schools and colleges across India who participated in its annual essay writing/poetry competition on the sustainable properties of glass.

The federation received over 2,000 entries from students aged seven to 24; the winning entries can be viewed here.

Mr DMR Panda, the company’s Head of Hydrogen Group and Planning Head of Renewable Business, also gave a presentation titled Green Hydrogen Economy: Options for Indian Glass Manufacturers.

He said: “The Indian glass manufacturing industry can position itself as a low-cost, zero-carbon green hydrogen manufacturing hub which can help to achieve India's Net Zero target.

“As always, the Indian glass manufacturing industry leads by example; it can be one of the early movers in the green hydrogen space and sets an example for all MSMEs/hard-to-abate sectors.”