Air Products has recently commissioned and brought onstream its second integrated oxy-fuel solution for Techpack Solutions in Korea.

Techpack Solutions, founded in the mid-1950s, is South Korea’s leading packaging solution provider and is the largest manufacturer of glass bottles in the country.

The offering helps the manufacturer reap benefits such as reduced emissions and improved energy efficiency, productivity and glass quality.

The integrated solution encompasses Air Products’ oxy-fuel combustion system, including Cleanfire HRiTM oxy-fuel burners and an automatic flow control skid.

It also includes a PRISM vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) oxygen generator, which supplies reliable and economical on-site oxygen used to power the oxy-fuel burners for melting glass.

In addition, Techpack Solutions will be installing Air Products' newest technology, the Cleanfire HRe burner, which is the industry's first smart burner.

The HRe burner will enhance Techpack's furnace control and help them optimise their maintenance schedule.

Oxy-fuel technology is proven to bring multiple benefits such as over 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, 10-20% in energy savings, about 25% increase in productivity, reduction of capital, and improvement in efficiency and glass quality.

Air Products has already installed more than 1,500 Cleanfire burners around the world.