Air Products has donated $15,000 to The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation (CGIF) and The Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC) to foster innovation by the next generation of ceramic and glass professionals.

The CGIF will use its portion of the grant to expand the Foundation’s student outreach programmes to attract, inspire, and train the next generation of ceramic and glass professionals.

The GMIC will use its portion to support college-age engineering students who wish to participate in the Virtual Conference on Glass Problems to be held online, between October 26–30, 2020.

Marcus Fish, director of development for the CGIF said: “While many organisations are struggling due to the pandemic, we are gratified to receive this much needed support.”

GMIC’s executive director, Bob Lipetz, said “Student participation at the annual Conference on Glass Problems has proven to be immensely popular with the students and with the glass manufacturing industry.

“From the student viewpoint, they get to see what the real-world problems are in making glass and to understand that jobs in the industry are compelling.

"From the industry’s standpoint, developing the work force that will take the industry forward into the next generation is a high priority.

"We are grateful that progressive companies like Air Products support the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council’s efforts through their generous grants.”