Alicia Durán, CSIC Research Professor at the Institute of Ceramics and Glass, received the award for her leadership in sustainable development.

Prof Durán was awarded for her leadership in the development of technologies that promote sustainable development at a global level in environmental, economic and social aspects.

The recognition was presented during a symposium in honour of her career.

Prof Durán has a degree in Physics from the National University of Córdoba (Argentina) and a PhD in Physics from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), Spain.

Currently, she leads the GlaSS research group of the Institute of Ceramics and Glass, ICV (CSIC), which is recognised as a CSIC group of Excellence.

Among her numerous achievements, Durán stood out for co-ordinating the United Nations International Year of Glass 2022 (IYOG 2022), a project supported by more than 2600 institutions from 96 countries.

This event was unanimously approved at the UN General Assembly in May 2021, with the participation of 19 countries.

IYOG 2022 covered a variety of activities around the world, from industrial fairs to educational and artistic events, building collaborative networks between science, technology, industry, education and art.