Agr International wants to establish a new testing laboratory in Delft, Netherlands.

This lab will be part of Agr’s American Glass Research division and is slated to open and be fully operational in October 2017.

The creation of the facility is particularly intended to provide European glass manufacturers and fillers with better access to American Glass Research services.

The location will offer flexibility and reduced turnaround times on projects, lower shipping cost with relation to samples and the availability of American Glass Research expertise within the local time zones.

The new lab will provide many of the same services currently offered by American Glass Research in its Butler, PA, USA facility that are geared toward solving breakage issues, evaluating container designs and improving both the manufacturing and filling processes

The Delft facility will encompass 5500ft2 of laboratory and office space. Nearly 70% of the facility will be dedicated to the fracture analysis, measurement and testing laboratory.

The laboratory will be headed by Peter de Haan, AGR Senior Scientist, and a Dutch national, who will return to the Netherlands following several years at the American Glass Research facility in the USA.