Ametek Land has launched two new continuous emission-monitoring systems (PM-CEMS) to provide accurate and reliable measurement of particulate matter from industrial combustion processes in stacks and ducts.

The Ametek Land 4650-PM is a stable and accurate low-range particulate matter measurement system designed for CEMS applications where condensed water is not present in the flue gas.

Consisting of a stack-mounted probe and separate control unit, 4650-PM’s forward scattering laser measurement detects particulate matter at low concentrations.

This enables closer emissions control, with a more accurate measurement than similar PM monitoring systems.

Maximum measurement stability is achieved by the 4650-PM thanks to an advanced optical system with a lower angle of incidence than competing systems.

This results in a lower detection limit, while the optics are fixed for measurement reliability.

The additional new monitor, the Ametek Land 4750-PM, also provides accurate and reliable measurement of particulate matter where condensed water is not present but uses a high-sensitivity back scattering technique.

It also offers a low detection limit of less than 1 mg/m3.

Suitable for less-demanding applications, the 4750-PM comprises a stack-mounted sensor with combined internal user interface.

Derek Stuart, Global Product Manager – Power, Combustion and Environmental at Ametek Land said: “Ametek Land is proud to produce the 4500 MkIII opacity monitor, and we are delighted to offer these new products for the cleanest processes which require the ultimate in low-level sensitivity.

“The 4650-PM and 4750-PM are designed for ease of installation and will give years of trouble-free operation with minimal routine maintenance.”