Ametek Land’s NIR-B-2K-Glass imaging camera improves glass quality and reduces energy consumption.

The NIR-B-2K-Glass imaging camera benefits include high-definition thermal imaging, access to previously unattainable data and rapid detection of structural damage.

The camera produces high-definition thermal images with three million pixels and can take measurements between 600oC and 1800oC (1112°F to 3272°F) from any point in the image.

A permanently installed thermal imager actively records data, allowing the video to be stopped at any frame. This means measurements can be taken of all ports at exactly the same point in the process, allowing reversals to be tuned more accurately.

Structural damage caused by high temperatures can also be detected quickly before becoming a major problem.

Further benefits include access to data that previously would have been either time consuming or impossible to collect.

Philippe Kerbois, Ametek Land's Global Industry Manager for Glass said: “Using thermal imaging in glass operations results in many measurable benefits. Operators can - in a safe, timely way - collect valuable data that they can utilise and store while ensuring the quality of the glass and extending the life of the furnace. This all leads to reduced costs and an improved process, as well as working towards reduced emissions and carbon footprints.”

Monitoring the live thermal video inside the melt tank can lead to increased melt tank efficiency, improved product quality and reduced process costs.