Ardagh Glass’s Ruston, La facility in the USA has received an Environmental Impact Award from Pratt Industries for using 100% recycled packaging boxes.

The Ruston facility bought nearly 13 million 100% recycled corrugated boxes from Pratt Industries in 2014, helping save approximately 18,955 trees, 7.8 million gallons of water and 4.46 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of power.

“Ardagh Group is not only one of our most environmentally friendly partners, but one that also shares Pratt Industries’ long-term commitment to sustainability practices and the environment,” said Russell Crummett, Strategic Accounts Manager at Pratt Industries.

“We appreciate the fact that Ardagh Group has escalated the value of sustainable packaging in an effort to assist Pratt in its commitment to a zero percent landfill waste initiative.”

Similar to the process for glass recycling, Pratt Industries uses a closed loop system, creating no additional waste or by-products. Additionally, as part of its efforts, Ardagh Group returns its corrugated waste to Pratt Industries for recycling into new corrugated materials.

“As a glass container manufacturer, we realize the significance of recycling and its impact on our environment,” said John Riordan, President and CEO of Ardagh Group, Glass – North America.

Pratt presented the Ruston plant with a commemorative plaque, banner and hats for all employees.

The Ardagh Group manufacturing facility in Ruston was built in 1960 and specialises in the manufacture of glass containers for the beverage, food, spirits and wine markets. It employs 400 employees and operates two furnaces that use 333 tons of raw and recycled materials per day.