Ardagh Group is about to launch a 3D CAD system that lets customers interact with its packaging products.

Its latest online product catalogue has a lifelike 360° 3D feature that allows clients to drag, flip, turn and look inside each glass container.

Barbara Macialczyk, Marketing Manager at Ardagh Group said: “There’s an expectation that digital technology will enhance the decision-making experience.

“Customers can play with the new 3D tool to get a feel for the shape and size of each bottle and jar before they think about decoration options. We want to help them visualise their product as it might look on the shelf.”

Ardagh Group Product Design Engineer, Chris Barker, said: “We work in 3D every day, so it feels right to let our customers experience the same degree of interactivity – even down to the way the light bounces off the glass.”

Around 600 glass bottle and jar designs have been re-modelled in the new, interactive format, which goes live on 17 April.

Watch the video here.