Plug Power will work with Ardagh Glass Limmared on an electrolyser project to enable the use of industrial-scale hydrogen in glass manufacturing.

Plug Power, a global green hydrogen company, landed a five megawatt (MW) electrolyser project with Ardagh Glass Limmared.

Located east of Gothenburg, Sweden, Ardagh Glass Limmared is a glass packaging producer in the Nordics and a supplier to Sweden’s most popular spirits company Absolut.

Ardagh will produce 2.1 metric tpd of green hydrogen by the end of the year, replacing a portion of the natural gas used today while reducing overall carbon emissions at the plant.

Ardagh will use hydroelectric power to generate hydrogen from Plug’s electrolyser.

Plug is the only company offering 5MW containerised polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysers today (see left). The standardised turnkey system, with a production capacity of more than 2 tpd, reduces site construction costs and implementation complexity.

By 2030, the European Union plans to produce 10 million metric tons of green hydrogen per year to decarbonise European industries and the mobility sector. The deployment of Plug’s electrolysers will contribute to this decarbonisation roadmap.

In April 2023, Plug reported record production of its PEM electrolyser stacks in Q1 2023, manufacturing 122MW stacks and shipping nearly 1,000 stacks totalling 5.7 MW for specialty applications.

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