Ardagh Glass Packaging’s limited edition vodka bottle ‘Absolut Voices’ has an 80% recycled glass content.

The sapphire-blue, premium bottle has the highest percentage of recycled glass of any Absolut products to date. The high recycling rate in Sweden allowed more recycled glass cullet to be available to Ardagh for use in its furnace.

Ardagh worked with Absolut and design agency Brand Union to create the bottle, which celebrates the trailblazers and ‘wavemakers’ of the world as reflected in the bottle’s soundwaves design.

Elin Furelid, Global Head of Absolut Portfolio & Design said: “Celebrating diverse and different viewpoints has always been in our spirit.

"We’re continuously inspired by the idea that the world becomes a better place when we come together beyond differences, share good times and empower one another. That spirit is what Absolut Voices is all about”.

Maria Persson, NPD Project Manager at Ardagh, said: “The effect of the 360 degree design feature was achieved by creating irregular circles with shallow embossing to give life to the waves.

"Our product design team created the desired effect using their in-house sculptured embossing technology and expertise to give it a lifelike quality and standout impact”.

The limited-edition bottle is available in 700 ml, 750 ml and 1 litre sizes.