The CEO and Chairman of Georgia, USA-based producer Arglass will provide a presentation focused on digital and sustainable glass manufacturing.

Jose de Diego Arozamena (pictured) will give a keynote speech at the Glassman Latin America conference which takes place in Mexico City in on May 15-16.

His provisional presentation title is Sustainable Digitalization: Reinventing the Modern Glass Manufacturing Facility.

In the speech, he will discuss how AI-backed sensors, simultaneous small and large-order production and even predictive bottleneck modeling will bring glass plants to the cutting edge of innovation.

“At the same time, renewable energy and raw materials, advanced water management and recycling partnerships will keep the planet our industry depends on healthy,” he says.

José de Diego Arozamena is the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Arglass.

He has been in and around the glass industry since birth. José’s grandfather founded the first family factory in Mexico, which was later run by his parents.

José acquired his first glass factory at age 23, which he quickly turned to profitability. After a long career in investing, José returned to the glass industry by developing Arglass from the ground up.

The first Arglass facility began production in 2020, which the company describes as the most innovative and sustainable glass manufacturing facility in North America.