US producer Arglass has formed a recycling partnership to help divert glass away from landfill.

Arglass has partnered with The Upcycling Company to weave a clean glass collection network through communities in Georgia and Northern Florida, USA that will divert quality glass from landfills.

The agreement ties together glass collection, cullet processing and glass manufacturing in an effective vertical partnership that will support the circular economy.

It said the partnership will result in:
221 million bottles a year diverted from landfill;
40,000 metric tons less raw material being consumed;
3 million less KW used;
1.7 million residents will have access to a glass recycling programme.

Jose de Diego Arozamena, Arglass Founder and CEO, said: “We are excited to partner with The Upcycling Company to create a new structure to recover and recycle glass containers.

"This partnership reinforces our commitment to sustainability, one of our three founding principles.”