Glassmaker Asia Pacific Glass is to create a new factory with 310 tonnes per day furnace with three production lines dedicated to source the Carabao energy drink.

The furnace is scheduled to heat up in mid-2014.

Amongst the European suppliers selected for the Greenfield site are Tiama – msc & sgcc, which will perform the Cold End Inspection.

It is a new success for the French supplier, in line with several latest sales to both its historical customers such as Bangkok Glass Industry and new ones such as Wellgrow Glass.

The technology and local service it can now offer in the region allows Tiama – msc & sgcc to be a strong partner in those projects.

In the past few months Tiama has strengthened its presence in Thailand and South East Asia with a local Customer Support team, based in Bangkok and Singapore.

The ability to deliver a Customer Service in line with demand and its powerful inspection systems will be key to the future presence and success of Tiama in the region