Glass for Europe’s production will be pushed back as no agreement was found on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

In the last few months, the EU Commission has successfully revised the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and made a trilogue agreement on the revision of the Renewables Energy Directive on June 13.

Despite this, co-legislators failed to agree on a revised EED. Unless an agreement is found in in a last-minute meeting during the next few days, it will mean that the file will be postponed for several months.

Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Climate Action and Energy for Europe Commissioner, said: "[There was] No deal today on Energy Efficiency.

"[We are] Getting close, [but we are] not there yet.

"I call on the Parliament and the Council to be flexible and seek compromise.

"That's the only way for Europe to forge ahead with an ambitious clean energy transition. To be continued."

The delay is a big disappointment for Glass for Europe. This is because regulation can play a decisive role in guiding markets towards the most efficient solutions. It means that there will be a pushback for building renovation and advanced glazing products.

Glass for Europe is continuing to work hard with its counterparts to secure an ambitious and robust EED. The flat glass association is calling for the support of an energy efficiency target as close as possible to 35%, as supported by the European Parliament.

Now that a 32% target has been agreed for renewables, the call is even more relevant. The higher the energy efficiency target, the more that renewable electricity can be best used to decarbonise Europe’s economy.

Pictured: Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Climate Action and Energy for Europe Commissioner.