Italian glass association ATIV has announced its 2016 congress programme.

Its congress this years will feature two sessions – one devoted to hollow glass and the other focused on flat glass.

The hollow glass programme includes 13 speakers from glassmakers, glass suppliers and research institutes. The flat glass day has nine speakers, again from a variety of backgrounds.

Hollow glass speakers include Eric Muijsenberg, of the Czech Republic’s Glass Service, Fabrice Fasilow of AGC Glass Europe and Fred Aker of Germany’s Sorg.

Flat glass congress speakers include Antonio Bonati of ITC-CNR, Goebel Horst of Bridgestone Industrial Limited and Mario Capobianco.

This is the 31st ATIV conference and is this year titled Glass between technique and creATIVity.

The event takes place at Centro Congressi Santa Elisabetta, Camus Universitario, Parma, Italy on October 201 and 21st.

More details from its website