Interpane in Austria is celebrating its ten-year anniversary of LiSEC’s KSR plant.

Ten years ago, the glass manufacturer Interpane based in Parndorf, Austria invested in a new KSR plant from technology provider LiSEC. It has since been a core part of its glass production in order to grind glass sheets.

Markus Halbauer, Processing Team Leader at Interpane, said: “The KSR station runs like clockwork.

"It seams extremely well, delivers a great grinding profile, and works at a wonderful speed.”

The KSR station runs in a three-shift operation and produces an average daily rate of nearly 2,000 linear metres.

“If we check the water quality, set and clean the sensors regularly, then nothing can happen; the station is nearly maintenance-free, which helps us a lot.”

The KSR plant is made of stainless steel and designed for fast and flexible edge seaming. The grinding head of the station is able to rotate 495°. This enables all four sides of the glass sheet to be seamed in one single rotation, resulting in the ideal and gentle dressing process of the glass edge. The grinding belts also adjust automatically to the respective sheet thickness.

Jozef Frisik, Technical Manager at Interpane, said: “Without a doubt, LiSEC offers the best service in the industry.

“The service employees and technicians treat us with respect and respond to our requests.

“They do everything they can to provide a solution as quickly as possible.

“This level of quality is really unique.”