BA Vidro has installed the Transport Simulator from Talos Packaging Systems on a trial basis at one of its plants.

The Transport Simulator (pictured) has been specifically designed to aid glass manufacturers in reducing costs and ensuring damage-free, environmentally sustainable delivery of glass products to their customers.

The Transport Simulator is based on a 4-axis model that can simulate backwards, forwards, side/side and tilt movements.

Glass manufacturers can therefore mimic the results of a journey, in order to understand which part of the journey may affect the safe delivery of the product.

Using the Transport Simulator, BA Vidro will be able to look at the impact the transport has on the pallets first hand.

This allows for the safe testing of products in adverse road conditions, as well as factory efficiency gain from knowing how to prevent failures before the product leaves the factory.

This will allow the manufacturer to simulate its transport routes ahead of time, thus resulting in reduced breakages en route.

The Transport Simulator also means that BA can test the reliability of more environmentally friendly types of packaging for glass.

By down-gauging the packaging used when delivering pallets of glass, a glass manufacturer can save on costs and reduce its carbon footprint along the manufacturing process.

The Transport Simulator will enable BA to test the reduced thickness foil, which in turn will allow them to reduce their costs and carbon footprint.