Basturk Cam to discuss furnace investment at Glassman Europe

Turkish glassmaker Baştürk Cam will discuss its latest furnace investment at the forthcoming Glassman Europe conference.

The glass manufacturer’s General Manager, Muhammed Yalçınkaya (pictured above), will provide a 20-minute presentation which will also discuss how the company contributes to its customers as well as the environment.

He will speak on the morning of February 8 at the ICEC venue in Istanbul.

The synopsis of his presentation is as follows:

‘Baştürk Cam, which has been producing super flint glass bottle and jars since the first year, 2018; managed to export its products to 5 continents with its sustainable quality understanding in a short time.

‘ It decided to increase its investment in 2020 in order not to remain unresponsive to increasing demands.

'With the world's largest end fired furnace design, the company, which will increase its capacity approximately 3 times and expand production range in size and quantity, plans to enter into operation very soon in the first quarter of 2023.

'With the latest technology used in the factory; the aim is for more environmentally friendly production by ensuring minimum waste and energy generation while increasing maximum efficiency and continuity.

‘Some of this will be able to realized by using robotic lubrication technology, sensitive controlling machines, PPC, DOM and 360 degree axial cooling.

'With all the improvements made, the whole company; efficiency and traceability will be increased, updated and the environment will protected at the best level.’

The Glassman Europe trade show and conference takes place at ICEC, Istanbul February 8 and 9. It is free to attend. Register for your visitor pass via here.