EME?Maschinenfabrik Clasen, a company belonging to the Sorg Group of Germany, has developed a new batch charger that, it claims, offers glass manufacturers a range of advantages compared to existing designs.

The SPC batch charger comprises two screw chargers in parallel and a separate pusher arm. The use of two screws provides smaller batch piles, which can help improve heat transfer into the batch, reports the manufacturer. Furthermore, variable screw speed allows variation of the direction in which the batch is fed in the furnace, similar to that currently achieved by swivelling a conventional pusher machine, although it is not necessary to move the SPC machine.

The separate pusher drive ensures the uninterrupted movement of batch piles out of the doghouse, which can be completely sealed around the machine, thus contributing to the reduction of NOx production.

A prototype SPC batch charger has been operating on a production furnace since March 2010, with no visible wear reported on the transport screws, despite the furnace melting 85% cullet.