BDF has installed one of its tallest IS glass manufacturing machines in the world at a production facility in Western Europe.

The 12-section machine has been raised 3” because the customer needs to produce tall products. The delivery constant angle increases the height of the machine in relation to the delivery and ease of alignment.

The single/double gob 6”1/4 is equipped with its latest technologies:

- IGD Multidrive Servo Gob Mechanism

- Constant Angle Delivery System

- Digital Proportional Valves

- Ap Pusher mechanisms

- Digital Regulators

- Vertical Blow Cooling mechanisms Double Cavity

- Black Box

The other components of the line are the Stirrer Mechanism, Servo Feeder, ADV8050 Electronic control system, Cross Conveyor and Servo Stacker.

The machine is already in operation and the installation was completely managed by its mechanical and electrical team.