Beatson Clark is producing its 500ml amber Vichy bottles for Vocation Brewery, a UK brewery that is focused on distinctive beers and branding.

The brewery chose Beatson Clark’s Vichy bottle because its aesthetic appeal complements the brewery’s colourful labels.

“We brew punchy and distinctive beers, and in a crowded market you’ve got to find any way you can to stand out,” said Vocation Director and Head Brewer John Hickling.

“There are lots of pieces to that jigsaw, and an important component is the shape of the bottle.

“The look of our bottled beer is very important and I’m trying to tread a fine line by creating a brand that appeals to a younger market without alienating older drinkers.”

Simon Forster of Robot Food, the brewery’s branding agency, said he recommended Beatson Clark’s Vichy bottle as it is seldom seen in the craft beer market.

“It suits our designs as it gives us maximum label area, but more importantly it has a unique silhouette,” he said.

“There’s really no-one else in the craft beer sector using this type of bottle shape with straight shoulders – it has a traditional colour but at the same time it feels quite unique and contemporary.”

Chris Palmer, Business Development Manager at Beatson Clark, said the key driver for new business is smaller breweries that are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition.

“It can be hard for smaller producers to stand out on the shelf, and the key to that is defining your brand through eye-catching packaging.

“With our standard range and our in-house creative design team we can supply distinctive bottles that really help beers to get noticed.”