Beatson Clark has created a sustainable, bespoke bottle for a new vodka brand based in the UK.

Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka is the first product to be launched by Ellers Farm Distillery near York, UK. The brand takes its name from the Dutch barn that houses the distillery.

Sustainability is a top priority for Ellers Farm, which is why it chose Beatson Clark to create the bottle for its new vodka.

The bespoke 700ml bottle is made from amber glass and has a wider than usual neck. After commissioning research from the University of York, the distillery discovered that amber glass maintained the original flavour of the vodka considerably better than to clear glass.

Ellers Farm also decided to print directly onto the bottle rather than create a separate label, to minimise its overall use of packaging materials. Plant-based inks are used when printing, which burn off when the glass is recycled.

The printed design, applied by Yorkshire Bottle Solutions, features a metallic copper background showing Ellers Farm’s orchard and barn, with white text, and the distillery’s owl logo embossed on the base.

Jonathan Clark, Account Manager at Beatson Clark, said: “Beatson Clark and Ellers Farm are a perfect fit: we’ve been able to create a beautiful bespoke bottle which really lifts their product, and at the same time we’ve met the customer’s exacting sustainability requirements.

It’s been fantastic to collaborate on this project and we’re looking forward to working with other niche spirits brands this year.”

The distillery also chose Yorkshire-based Beatson Clark to reduce emissions from transportation.