The processor Binder+Co was recently commissioned by Sirkel Materialgjenvinning for the delivery of a recycling plant in Fredrikstad, Norway.

The installation will be able to process 45 tonnes of collected glass and metal per hour. The glass will be sorted by a size of 5mm into different coloured products, including clear, green and brown glass. The metal will be sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous fractions.

Jörg Roseggar, Member of the Executive Board of Binder+Co, said: “This order substantiates our market leadership in the recovery of waste glass and, at almost €14 million, it is the biggest order awarded to Binder +Co in the recycling area.”

The new plant will provide Sirkel Materialgjenvinning with flexibility in the processing of its products and ensures a maximum material yield. Depending on the requirement, the customer can recover the entire quantity of recycled glass in the highest quality for sale, or use part of the glass cullet for foam glass production.

Mr Roseggar added: “Through our broad range of machines for processing bulk material, we are able to supply the complete process to Sirkel Materialgjenvinning, from glass crushing, continuing with screening and cullet sublimation up to sensor-based sorting.”

In order to optimally prepare the waste cullet for sorting, Binder+Co has developed cullet sublimation. The essential process steps are: drying, cleaning, polishing and dust removal.

The plant will use the processor’s 16 CLARITY sensor-based systems, which will produce mono-fractions of flint, green and brown glass cullet. The glass will be separated of any interfering glass ceramics and leaded glass with patented UV technology.

In this project, Binder+Co will take over both the machine technology and the delivery of the complete plant from the structural steelwork up to extensive peripherals such as pipelines, chutes and electrical installations.

Acceptance of the waste glass recycling plant is slated for the end of September 2019.