Bookings are now open for British Glass' and Glass Technology Services’ online ‘glass appreciation’ course, taking place across two half days on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th July 2021.

Whether you design, make, sell, process or reuse glass – this course will give you a broad understanding of the material, its lifecycle, how it behaves and why, and the possibilities it offers.

Delivered by experts from Glass Technology Services via Zoom, the course covers essential topics from manufacture, processing and basic chemistry to properties, defects and failures, recycling and quality.

Sessions on the day will cover:

• What is glass?

• A brief history of glass manufacturing

• Glass properties

• Composition and melting of glass

• Colouring and decoration of glass

• Annealed and toughened, or tempered glass

• Forming, pouring and casting of glass

• Sustainability and recyclability

• Glass strength, handling, defects and failure.

To book or more information, please contact: