Bormioli Luigi has invested in decoration equipment for sputtering at its glass facility in Parma, Italy.

Sputtering is a decoration technique that offers complete control of metal applications for glass that are 100% recyclable.

The technique also allows products to have the benefits of metallisation, such as shine and shock resistance, although the application process is very different.

Emanuela Fava, R&D Manager of the Parma decoration workshop, said: "The sputtering technique we have invested in has all the aesthetic advantages of metallisation and a lot of flexibility.

"The decoration is applied in a vacuum according to a specific process to obtain a metallic finish and multiple shades.

β€œThe major advantage of sputtering is the control of the deposit of metal fragments, in order to preserve the transparency of the bottle and its recyclability.”

The chosen metal – steel, gold, silver or copper, for example – is transformed with gas and deposited on the surface of the bottle in the form of micro-fragments, making it possible to determine thickness for a minimal impact.

Its main objective is to offer glass that remains transparent, making it detectable in recycling streams, thereby guaranteeing recyclability.