In 2021, Bormioli Pharma doubled its use of sustainable raw materials in production compared to 2020.

The pharmaceutical glass manufacturer used 32% recycled glass and plastic, and bio-based plastics, in 2021 compared to 16% in 2020.

The result brings the company closer to its goal of using 50% sustainable raw materials in production by 2025, which it declared last year.

Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma, said: "We believe that sustainability must be pursued through concrete and measurable actions. The acceleration we gave in 2021 to achieve the target is a sign of this commitment, but also of the growing interest we are gathering from the pharmaceutical industry".

The doubled figure of sustainable raw materials has been made possible by a substantial increase in the use of recycled glass, and a concurrent increase in products made from responsible plastics, such as recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (rPET).

In 2021, Bormioli Pharma recorded a 20% increase in sales of sustainable plastic products compared to 2020. The company now offers three different product ranges with a lower environmental impact.

Additionally, the company continues its research activities, such as its participation in Glass Futures; the project aims to define new industrial standards for reducing emissions in glass manufacturing.