Italian glass manufacturer Bormioli Rocco has bought a majority stake in Neubor Glass.

Neubor Glass is based in San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy and produces high specification glassware for use in the pharmaceutical sector.

The acquisition will increase Bormioli Rocco’s production capacity with the construction of a new furnace at Neubor Glass to manufacture moulded flint type I glass.

It will release capacity constraints for moulded flint type I glass which is a core glassware for Bormioli Rocco.

The acquisition will also expand its range of pharmaceutical packaging products, creating containers for supply into the injectable market, including vaccines and antibiotics, and into areas of oncology and blood derivatives.

Bormioli Rocco will also have the capacity to produce containers for parenteral applications.

The integration of Neubor Glass’s tubular technology means Bormioli Rocco can produce disposable pharmaceutical vials and small bottles with a capacity of less than 10ml. Bormioli Rocco said it plans to produce its Delta vials in the Neubor Glass plant.

St Petersburg, Russia-based manufacturer and distributor Altair will partner with Bormioli in the acquisition.