Borosil Renewables' subsidiary Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg has completed the rebuild of its solar glass furnace at its site in Tscherntiz, Bradenburg, Germany.

The capacity of the solar glass furnace at Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg (GMB)’s site has increased from 300 tpd to 350 tpd.

The furnace was modified to become more energy efficient and was also repaired at the cold end. Borosil said the modifications would result in substantial energy savings.

Borosil also said that it had further investments planned in the tempering and coating areas of GMB.

In 2022, GMB was acquired by Indian glass manufacturer Borosil Renewables, as part of its acquisition of the Interfloat Group, to strengthen its ability to supply solar glass products to its European customer base.

GMB said its goal was to be the European champion for solar glass production.