The CEO of British Glass has responded to the ongoing energy price crisis highlighting the effect on the UK glass industry.

Dave Dalton said: “Like many other industries, glass manufacturers have been significantly impacted by the energy price crisis currently unfolding in the UK.

“The sector has seen a substantial increase in the cost of energy, which has already impacted profitability and could also lead to consequences in the day-to-day production of the sector if these costs continue.

“As a major supplier to the food and drinks sector, there are ongoing concerns surrounding the current CO2 shortage which may affect production of carbonated drinks and the rest of the glass supply chain.

“Not only will current manufacturing be affected because of the price increases, but it also puts at risk the sectors long-term plans to electrify the glass production process.

“Renewable electricity is a key pillar of the industry’s plans to reach net zero by 2050 and if energy prices don’t stabilise and reduce in the near future, electricity will no longer serve as a viable energy to enable the decarbonisation of glass manufacturing.

“We are calling on government to take urgent action in rectifying this crisis to ensure that UK glass manufacturers are not left behind their international competitors.”