China Construction Jiaxing Glass, based in Heilongjiang, has held a firing up ceremony for its new thin-film glass production line.

More than 100 management, guests and staff representatives at all levels witnessed the firing up ceremony for the production line that will have an annual output of 19 million square meters.

The project was a RMB500 million yuan (US $77.2 million) investment and spans a total construction area of 66960 square meters and the furnace life is expected to be 10 years.

The project was delivered by CTIEC, who provided the main equipment for the development.

The new production line will be able to produce thin-film glass with different thicknesses from 2mm to 12mm to meet the requirements of CdTe thin-film battery substrates and backplane glass and Low-E glass for high-quality raw sheet.

The annual sales revenue expected will be RMB360 million yuan (US $55.6 million).

Images courtesy of China Triumph International Engineering Co (CTIEC) on LinkedIn.