Shandong Penghao Glass has purchased the LiSEC thermoplastic insulating glass line (TPA) in Linyi City, China.

The glass line includes features such as energy saving, high quality sealing, low heat transfer and long service life.

The manufacturer’s second generation of managers, are brothers Liu Hao and Liu Bin.

Liu Hao, the General Manager of Penghao Glass, said: “Pursuing high technology and being a pioneer in the market are the secrets of Penghao’s fast and successful growth.

“If we wanted to reach a significant development, it was imperative to upgrade our production. Now Penghao Glass has a new secret weapon – LiSEC thermoplastic insulating glass line (TPA).”

The two brothers had been considering the next step of Penghao’s development since the transition to glass processing in 2012.

After the equipment was purchased, he visited the LiSEC headquarters in Austria and saw the TPA line at the LiSEC glass processing plant, Glass Forum.

He continued: “LiSEC impressed us most with their professionalism. The project managers from teams in China and Austria checked on our needs and requirements over and over again and patiently explained the TPA line via the videos on site. They totally strengthened our prosperous existence in the glass market.”

In order to match the production of LiSEC TPA line, a new plant was constructed before the delivery of the equipment.

Mr Hao concluded: “During the glasstec show in Düsseldorf, we had the chance to check the glass processing industry in Europe in detail. I firmly believe that all Penghao products will be thermoplastic IG units in three years. Currently the management team of Penghao is considering investment for another TPA line.”

Pictured: LiSEC thermoplastic insulating glass line