Chiz Bros has opened a warehouse in suburban Detroit to provide refractory products to customers throughout Michigan and Ohio, US, including those from the glass industry.

Chiz Bros is a provider of custom solutions for refractory and high temperature applications in industries such as metals, glass, and ceramics.

The Detroit facility, which is located at 36082 Industrial Road in Livonia, carries the same inventory as the company’s Pittsburgh-area location.

Both warehouses are fully stocked to meet most customers’ needs for Unifrax Fiberfrax ceramic fibre products, non-RCF soluble fibre products, metallic refractory anchors, insulating firebrick, refractory castables, fire protection products, heating elements, and silica-based textiles and insulation.

The Detroit Warehouse will also provide local support for routine and emergency needs.

Mark Rhoa Jr., Vice President of Chiz Bros, said: “As one of the country’s largest Alkegen (formerly Unifrax) distributors, we are always looking for ways to better serve our core markets in the industrial heartland and Rust Belt with ‘Made in the USA’ ceramic fibre products

“With that purpose in mind, we opened the Detroit Warehouse under the leadership of Mike Klauk, our Regional Manager.”

Klauk came to Chiz Bros after more than a decade at Unifrax, where he held Sales Engineer and Applications Engineer positions.

He said: “I am pleased to be responsible for the activities at our Detroit Warehouse. I look forward to providing our customers with the products and technical assistance they need.”

He may be reached at and 734.793.8556.