Ciner Glass broke ground on its €600 million glass facility in Lommel, Belgium, in a stone-laying ceremony today.

Ciner Glass is establishing a state-of-the-art glass production facility at Kristalpark III in Lommel, Belgium.

The investment of more than €600 million will lead to the creation of approximately 500 new jobs in the region.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place today, in which VIP attendees were welcomed by the Mayor of Lommel, Bob Nijs, who emphasised the importance of this investment for the city.

The highlight of the ceremony was the symbolic placement of the first – glass – brick by the Chair of Ciner Glass, Didem Ciner, and Turgay Ciner, the founder of Ciner Glass Group.

The bricks were laid with Peter Luykx, Advisor to Minister-President Jan Jambon, and Flemish MP Sofie Mertens, representative of Flemish Minister of Economy Jo Broun.

This first stone laying not only confirms the future of the new factory but also underscores the joint commitment to economic growth and sustainability for the region.

The strategic investment meets a growing European market demand from food and drink producers for container glass.

The company was supported by local partners such as Flanders Investment & Trade, LRM, the City of Lommel, and the Flemish government.

The construction of the factory is set to begin this month.

The first glass furnace is scheduled to become operational in 2025, followed by a second furnace in 2026.

Once fully operational, the factory will have the capacity to produce 1,300 tonnes of glass daily, or approximately 7 million glass bottles.

This investment in the Flemish glass industry will not only support economic growth but also contribute to a cleaner planet.

At the Lommel facility, Ciner Glass aims to use 75% recycled glass.

This could reduce energy consumption by at least 20%, because recycled glass melts at a lower temperature.

Ciner Glass has also reduced the weight of its glass bottles by 10%, resulting in a decrease in resource use and CO2 emissions during their transport.

This weight reduction, combined with local production, will result in an annual CO2 reduction of nearly 29,000 tonnes.

Gokhan Sen, CEO Ciner Glass Europe, said: “Thanks to sustainable and innovative production processes, we can make a substantial contribution to tackling climate change in Flanders.

“We aim to be part of the thriving local economy and contribute to further progress. Our history, as that of Lommel, is defined as a mentality of pioneering, innovation, and pride in glass production.”