Participants from 32 countries participated in the first Close the Loop glass webinar last week.

Close the Glass Loop is organised by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) and brings together the entire glass packaging chain with the aim to increasing the quantity and quality of recycled glass.

The 90-minute webinar included a keynote speech, panel discussion among key glass stakeholders, a technical presentation as well as a news round up.

The 45-minute panel discussion had four speakers from across the value chain: Sandra Santos, CEO of BA Glass, Niall Walker, Packaging Sustainability Manager at Diageo, José Manuel Nuñez-Lagos Bau General manager of of Spanish recycling organisation Ecovidro, and Jean-Benoît Bel, Senior Project Manager, ACR+.

Mr Bau told delegates that the various national lockdowns had changed glass recycling habits.

“We're seeing citizens are continuing to recycle in the pandemic – perhaps even more frequently than in the past, because it gives them an excuse to go outside!”

Sandra Santos said glass manufacturers always wanted more recycled glass to feed their furnaces.

“We'll use as much glass as we can get! We're trying to find all possible sources, with new solutions, like recapturing fine glass from our furnaces."

Maltha Glass Recycling Group then provided a technical presentation before FEVE’s Vanessa Chesnot urged glass packaging value chain holders to join the Close the Loop platform.

A recording of the event is available via YouTube at

Last week’s webinar had delegates from several European countries as well as nations outside the continent including Pakistan, USA and Mexico.

The highest number of participants were from Portugal the country, the audience were told, which has the highest annual glass production per capita.

The next Close the Loop webinar will take pace on April 28 beginning at 14:00 CET.