The Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC) and Northeast Recycling Coalition (NERC) will present a webinar named ‘Breakthrough Glass Recycling Opportunities‘.

The webinar will include discussions from the end-markets, MRFs and communities that overcame barriers to successfully recycle glass. It will take place on Tuesday, December 11that 1 pm EST.

Today’s recycling programme representatives are faced with tough decisions to meet residents’ expectations to recycle glass, while considering recommendations from others to remove glass. More than 90% of residents and consumers expect to be able to recycle glass in a recent study by the GRC.

Delegates can also learn about tools for glass champions, research available from the GRC, and a recent MRF study from the Northeast Recycling Coalition.

The speakers will include: Luke Truman from Allagash Brewing, Laura Hennemann from Strategic Materials, Sarah Mason from City of Houston, Mary Ann Remolador from Northeast Recycling Coalition and Kerry Getter, Balcones Resources.