Several cities in Ohio, USA are set to pilot a one year recycling scheme which will return glass from bars and restaurants to local glass manufacturers.

The recycled glass will be returned to Owens-Illinois (O-I) in Perrysburg, Owens Corning in Toledo and Johns Manville in Defiance, who will use it to produce glass food containers and insulation.

The scheme is much needed, as an estimated 90% of glass containers throughout Ohio are sent to the landfill. At the same time, the state’s manufacturers face a shortage of glass.

In the city of Columbus, home recycling schemes are already in place for residents, however the city’s bars and restaurants have so far had to fend for themselves. This scheme is free to those who sign up, and the establishments will be provided with as many recycling carts as they need. Collections will be carried out three times a week, due to space being at a premium, and the city of Columbus also plans to put public recycling containers along the high street as well.

The city is hoping that bars and restaurants will see the value and eventually join together to pay for collection costs, which would be a trifling amount at about US$200 a year per business.