Each morning of the week commencing Dec 7 Neil Simpson will provide half day training courses between Monday to Friday.

These will be repeated during each afternoon of the week commencing Dec 14.

The programme will be as follows:

Mondays - “Basics of Combustion and Under-Port Burners”.

Tuesdays - “Furnace Pressure and Combustion Optimisation for Heat Transfer and NOx”.

Wednesdays - “Basics of In-Furnace Thermal Imaging and what it really shows”.

Thursdays - “How to use In-Furnace Thermal Imaging and survey for Furnace Optimisation”

Fridays - a new course dedicated to “Oxy Fuel combustion in glass melting”.

Based on recent experiences the number of external attendees will be limited to 12 per course.

The courses are supported by CelSian and AMETEK Land.

More details to follow or contact Neil at scecombustioncourse@gmail.com