Corning plans to invest $500 million in a pharmaceutical packaging modernisation project.

The investment includes expanding Corning facilities in Corning, New York, and Vineland, New Jersey, and building a new manufacturing plant at a yet to be disclosed location in the Southeast of the United States.

Corning could eventually invest $4 billion and hire up to 4,000 new employees.

It has worked alongside pharmaceutical groups Merck and Pfizer to introduce Corning Valor Glass.

It said the new pharmaceutical glass packaging solution enhances the storage and delivery of drug formulations, and provides a more reliable access to medicines essential to public health.

The announcement was made by was by President Trump at the White House as part of a ‘Made in America’ event last week.

“My administration is committed to streamlining the regulatory process so that it’s easier for companies to invest and innovate here in America,” he said.

Wendell P. Weeks, Corning’s chairman, chief executive officer, and president said: “Making this next-generation product requires a new, advanced manufacturing platform, and we plan to build that platform right here in the United States.”

Corning said pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing process insights from Merck and Pfizer, in combination with its glass science and precision forming capabilities, helped deliver the glass packaging solution for injectable drugs in vials and cartridges.

The companies’ continued collaborations will focus on additional evaluations and the deployment of the new innovation.