The German Hyglass project is investigating the impact of hydrogen process in the glass manufacturing process.

The publically funded investigation has seen glass association BV Glass and GWI Essen investigate the impact of hydrogen on combustion processes.

They have used semi-industrial combustion experiments and CFD simulations to assess the impact of natural gas / hydrogen blends or pure hydrogen on various combustion processes in the glass manufacturing process. They have also analysed the impact on glass quality.

GWI Essen’s Jorg Leicher (below) will present a paper at the Hydrogen in Glassmaking conference next week which will give an overview on the project’s results and findings so far.

The Hydrogen in Glassmaking digital conference takes place Tuesday June 15 and Wednesday June 16 and includes 16 presentations from organisations including Shell, Linde, Sorg, Stara Glass and the LIFE Sugar project, Nippon Gases, CelSian and DNV, as well as Heineken.

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