CristalChile plans to build a third glass manufacturing facility.

The Chilean container glass manufacturer said the expansion, combined with modernisations at its two other facilities, would allow it to increase capacity by 50% compared to 2019.

The company said it was facing greater demand in the forthcoming years. As a result its board of directors approved a process to select a plot of land and develop a project.

Cristalchile general manager, Eduardo Carvallo (pictured), said the new plant would complement those of Llay Llay (north of Santiago, in the Valparaíso region) and Padre Hurtado (Metropolitan Region).

The group has invested $340 million in these sites over the past decade.

Suggested locations so far for the new plant include the Metropolitan Region and nearby regions, which have logistical feasibility, such as access to roads and environmental issues. He estimated the first stage of the future plant will be in operation within four years.

One of the reasons behind the decision to build a new plant is the growing demand for glass containers: “What is happening is that clearly today there are more conscious consumers, it is a global trend that is strongly breaking into the region.


"This conscientious consumer knows that his decisions impact the environment and obviously the sustainable attributes of glass have allowed him to position himself as one of the preferred packaging," said Mr Carvallo.

He added: “Glass is 100% recyclable and, furthermore, in Chile we have had a sustained recycling campaign for more than 25 years, which has been growing year and year.

“We have seen how people have taken an interest in this, which is also complemented by the implementation of the REP Law, which we believe will give great strength to glass recycling in the coming years ”.

Greater demand

Cristalerías de Chile produces a containers of different sizes and formats, especially for the wine industry, which exports about 55 million cases of bottled wine per year.

In addition, the beer, liquor, water, juice and food industry is also with growth plans that support this investment that the company is thinking of making.

According to the executive, being strategic partners of relevant industries is another factor that motivates the decision. “As strategic partners, we are committed to a long-term vision, regardless of the current situation in the country.

"This is a company with 117 years of history, it has to have a long-term vision and commit itself as strategic partners of our clients.”

As of September this year Cristalchile had an increase in its valued sale of 24.7%.

All this was driven by the pandemic. The executive says that they could see that people began to carry out more activities at home, promoting a change in habits, which has driven the demand for many of the products that are packaged in glass.

"This has had an impact on glass consumption, not only in Chile, almost all over the world.”