Croxsons has won an award for its glass whisky bottles at the Earth Island Solutions Awards at Café de Paris in London, UK.

The glass packaging company won the award for the ‘Label and Decoration’ category. The annual Earth Island Solutions Awards showcases the best in design, print, packaging, solutions, innovation and the environment.

Tim Croxson, Chief Operating Officer at Croxsons, said: “We are delighted to win an award, particularly in this category – by doing so, we’ve demonstrated that we can beat the best of the industry!”

The winning entry was its primary packaging for the Annandale Distillery’s two new expressions of single malt whisky, Man O’ Swords and Man O’ Words. Both whiskies were matured in separate casks and released in early 2018. The Man O’ Swords offering included 240 bottles of peated whisky and the Man O’ Words offering included 240 bottles of unpeated whisky.

Mr Croxson added: “We’ve been able to achieve high levels of premiumisation in this limited run project, which goes to show what is possible for start-ups or brands looking to create brand extensions or even test new products. This has been a team effort throughout, so the award is in recognition of the collective hard work all round.”

Croxsons sourced a 700ml contemporary bottle design with broad shoulders and a delicate taper to emphasise the masculine aspects of the products. The bottles were initially sprayed, printed and foiled, with the graphics (which were produced by Springetts, a London-based brand design consultancy) screened directly onto the bottles.

Man O’ Swords includes foiling, a silver sword and dark smoke. Man O’ Words includes a gold quill and flowing words. Both bottles are completed with debossed cork tops.

The winners were announced at a reception at the Café de Paris in London, UK on 13th November.