CTIEC has chosen ISRA’s FLOATSCAN Thin Superior system to automate the quality control in its ultra-thin glass production.

Within two months, the FLOATSCAN Thin Superior system was fully operational and generated first positive results such as process improvements and easier and more reliable quality monitoring.

The system’s real-time feedback allowed for optimising the forming process and taking immediate action when repeating defects occur.

Yu Jiahong, General Manager at Anhui Huaguang Photoelectricity Materials Technology Group, said: “Immediate and correct assessment of the glass quality and effective support in adjusting the process for best results is what ISRA’s FLOATSCAN Thin Superior system provides for us.

"It perfectly matched our high requirements regarding accuracy and system stability.”

Beyond quality and process monitoring, the company uses the collected inspection data as documentation for tracking its products’ quality evaluations.

All relevant defects like bubbles, stones, top or bottom tin, knots, and scratches are reliably detected.

The system automatically classifies all findings in type, size, and position.

The exact identification of defects enables continuous process optimisation, and the comprehensive defect data makes root cause analysis fast and easy.

CTIEC is reportedly already planning to continue the partnership with ISRA by ordering other solutions for thin glass inspection along with systems for other applications.