Shoppers in the UK are favouring glass milk bottles over plastic in a bid to tackle the detrimental effects of plastic on the environment.

Milkmen in the UK are reporting that interest has peaked for glass milk bottles and the traditional 80s milk floats are making a comeback.

Mark Woodman, Manager at the Woodman’s Dairy in Cardiff, said: “This week and last week we’ve been inundated with phone calls asking us if we deliver glass bottles.

"We’ve had 50 to 100 people call in this week, with 30 to 40 new customers off the internet looking to cut down on their use of plastic.

"It’s great for us. Anything that gives us a bit of business back from supermarkets is really good for us.”

In 1975, 94% of milk bottles were made of glass. However, in the 90s, big brand supermarkets switched to cheap plastic bottles, which left milkmen struggling for business. By 2016, glass bottled milk had fallen to under 3%.

Dairy UK, a trade association representing the British dairy supply chain, has recorded that doorstep deliveries of glass milk bottles are now around one million per day. Just two years ago, this figure was nearer 800,000.

Earlier this month, Theresa May, the UK’s Prime Minister, announced plans to tackle plastic waste. In the 25-year Environment Plan, the government pledges to scrap all avoidable plastic waste by 2042, which could mean an extra-tax on one-use plastic items.

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