Potential bidders of a glass manufacturing plant up for sale have been given a deadline to submit their interest.

The Serbian Glass Factory in Paracin, Serbia was declared bankrupt in September 2020 and last summer a court declared that insolvency proceedings should begin.

The glassworks has been in operation since 1907, producing glass containers as well as glassware.

Bidders have until September 30 2022 to declare their interest for purchase.

Offers are delivered exclusively in person/directly at the premises of the bankruptcy debtor Serbian Glass Factory JSC Paracin, 13. Oktobra St, no. 1-3.

Deadline for submission of written offers is Friday October 7, 2022 at 10:45 a.m. (Belgrade time)

The company has assets worth an estimated RSD,00 ($ 86.935.559,00). As well as glass production, the company also owns the Plana limestone quarry, which provides for the factory's complete limestone requirements, as well as dolomite processing for its own needs, apartments, and stores in Belgrade, Paracin and other assets.

The plant includes two furnaces for colourless and coloured glass production – L5 (4 lines) & B1 (two lines), which have capacities of 230 tpd and 70 tpd respectively.

This includes all glass manufacturing equipment such as IS machine, the annealing lehr, inspection machinery, cold end and laboratory equipment. The plant is operational.

The public opening of bids will be held at 11:00am on October 7 at the SGF factory, 15 minutes after the deadline expires.

Bidders, as well as members of the Board of creditors, are invited to attend the opening of bids. During or after the opening of bids, it is not allowed to improve bids.