Digitalisation and data are key to the success of the glass industry, a conference paper will state.

The digitalisation of manufacturing allows a faster exchange of information and data between all plant sectors, making production requirements efficient, increasing performance, allowing better reactivity and production quality.

Vertech' CEO, Ulas Topal, will provide a paper at the Glassman Europe conference in Istanbul titled 'How digitalisation and data are key to the success of the glass industry.'

In the paper, he will highlight how glass manufacturers have more and more challenges to face today: ecology, personnel hiring issues, know-how keeping, energy and money saving.

Technological innovation through Industry 4.0 is therefore essential for the glass industry to overcome all these challenges, he will state.

Vertech’ SIL solutions, is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) supervising production of the whole glass plant.

With SIL digital solutions, the productivity increases and the workflow becomes smoother.

Glassman Europe takes place in Istanbul, Turkey on February 8 and 9 and includes a trade show and conference which are free to attend.

It is relevant for all glass stakeholders, from raw materials, to hot end, cold end and the finished glass bottle.

Visit the Glassman Europe website for more information.