French glass manufacturer Duralex is to pause production of its La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin furnace due to high energy costs.

The tableware glass producer said it would place its furnace on standby from November 1 for at least four months due to rising energy costs.

It said France has been hard hit by the economic fallout from the war in Ukraine and soaring energy prices, in particular the steep increase in the price of electricity and gas, which are essential for the glass furnace.

Since 2021, the price of electricity has increased 22-fold and the price of gas 18-fold.

Duralex’s president José Luis Llacuna said: “Producing glasses at today’s energy prices would generate unsustainable losses. Limiting our energy consumption in the coming period, therefore, allows us to preserve Duralex’s business and employment.”

He added the company has a hedging contract for electricity, which will allow it to resume manufacturing operations in the second quarter of 2023

The 250 employees of the factory will be placed on short-time working during this time.

The company says it has enough stock to continue commercial sales ‘normally’ while the furnace is on standby.