Elite Plastics has appointed Jamie Gibson as its new Commercial Director, who will oversee the company’s transition into new markets such as container glass.

Elite Plastics is a UK-based extrusion company and manufacturer of polythene film.

Commercial Director Jamie Gibson’s role will be to drive the business forward into new markets and regions, while further improving Elite’s sustainability credentials.

Gibson has over 20 years' experience in the extrusion industry, working alongside the container glass industry.

Gibson said: “My main area of knowledge is within the international container glass industry, which has strict sustainability targets and criteria to meet, and so Elite’s recent investments into more sustainable technology really impressed me.

“I think it’s crucial that the plastics industry works alongside our container glass customers and suppliers to provide the most environmentally-friendly polythene product with the highest quality possible, and that we focus on recycling post-consumer waste back into the blends to create a closed-loop, circular economy.

“I’m looking forward to taking on this new role and using my industry knowledge to help drive the company forward.”

Elite recently made a multi-million-pound investment into a modern co-extrusion line from Bandera in Italy.

The line is optimised for energy efficient production and accommodates the sizes required by the container glass industry.

Lines are specifically configured to be optimised for recycled material incorporation into technical products, enabling a circular economy for polythene film.

The company also invested in an Erema recycling line to double the size of the company’s in-house recycling operations.

The Erema line recycles post-consumer waste back into the polythene products extruded.

This ‘all on one site’ approach creates a closed-loop circular economy and eliminates the carbon footprint that would have come from transporting the material between the recycler and the extruder.