Bucher Emhart Glass has recently supplied three NIS machines to the Industria Vidriera de Coahuila (IVC) plant in Nava, Mexico.

The IVC plant in Nava, Coahuila, Mexico is a joint venture between O-I and Constellation Brands.

The NIS machines (pictured) are all 12-section and all 5” triple gob (TG) for IVC’s furnace number four.

This was the latest project that takes the plant to a total of 13 NIS machines, all TG, 11 of which are 12-section and two are 10-section.

The speed of the machine varies but they are about 470bpm, or 13 cycles per minute on the 12 section machines and 390bpm or 13 cycles per minute on the 10 section machines.

All of the bottles formed by the machines are flint and are either 12 ounce Corona or 12 ounce Modelo Especial.

Emhart has worked with IVC for five years starting with Furnace 2, then Furnace 1, Furnace 3 and concluded with Furnace 4.

Mr Scott Neubert, Project Manager Bucher Emhart Glass , said: “I think that they purchased these machines because of the technological advances and advantages that the NIS presents over more 'traditional' pneumatic or semi-pneumatic machines.

"Plus, the NIS is really a strong machine for this type of production, massive amounts of NNPB small beer bottles. As the customer does not job change often, this machine really caters to their needs.”

Mexico remains an extremely important market to Emhart.

“The growth of the Mexican market over the past half decade has been phenomenal. We have added quite a few service engineers to this region and brought in three more project managers to handle the workload that has arisen and appears to be continuing into the foreseeable future.”

He concluded that IVC was happy to work with Emhart ‘and the feeling that we have in working with them is quite mutual.’