Glass bottle manufacturer, Encirc Italy has supplied sustainable heat energy to meet the needs of the district heating network around its facility in Corsico, Italy.

The project, created in partnership with power company Atecc, has reduced the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere by more than 3,000 tonnes a year within the region.

This has improved air quality in the area, and provided a sustainable supply of energy for the local population.

Atecc, a company based nearby, partnered with Encirc Italy, previously known in the region as Vidrala Italia, to allow the residual heat from Encirc Italy’s operations to be used to power the local energy grid instead of fossil fuels.

The Encirc Italy-led project, was supported by technology partner Renovis Energy, which offered an end-to-end service, supplying the equipment needed while providing ongoing engineering and installation support.

The scheme is the first energy supply agreement in the Vidrala group’s history, with the district heating network now able to use 100% of the heat energy created by Encirc Italy throughout winter and 30% of it in the summer.

To enable the project, Encirc Italy’s parent company, Vidrala, invested in building a new electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and a heat recovery system at the glass plant, as well as a continuous mode monitoring system.

This ensured the optimum level of energy can be shared with the network throughout the year

Fiacre O’Donnell, Director of Sustainability at Vidrala, said: “It’s vital that industrial organisations take note and ensure there are no missed opportunities when it comes to their own operations’ carbon footprints.

“This system in Corsico, made possible through our partnership with Atecc and Renovis, shows how local manufacturers can have a positive and long-lasting impact on the communities they serve.

"Collaborative, forward-thinking projects like this one are key to creating a sustainable future.”